Tyres & Wheel Balances

New Car Tyres

Most people are unaware of the importance of having good car tyres. They can be your best friend in sticky situations, and your worst enemy if they are worn or flat. Car tyres ultimately support the weight of your car, and absorb road shocks. They also increase driver and passenger comfort & safety, especially on those longer drives. Many accidents can be avoided by making sure your car tyres are in good shape. Along with this, good tyres help your car perform better, and can even benefit the hip pocket, as worn tyres increase fuel consumption. Southern Cross Mechanical offers a range of new car tyres at our Sumner Park auto shop to suit all car makes and models.

Wheel Alignments

Having your wheels aligned regularly is important to do as part of the overall maintenance of your car. Having a regular car wheel alignment has many benefits, such as saving on fuel costs, increasing the life of your car tyres, not to mention increasing the overall safety of how the car handles on the road. Wheel alignments and balances can either be done at the time of your car service, or can be undertaken as a one off job. Many people undertake a wheel alignment prior to a long car trip, or just as a regular ongoing safety measure. If your car is starting to pull to the left or right of its own accord, that’s an indicator that it’s time for a wheel alignment.

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