Servicing At Southern Cross Mechanical, we pride ourselves on offering affordable car servicing for the Brisbane and Ipswich market. Whether you own a new or used vehicle, our experienced car mechanics are well versed in all makes of cars, and we will treat your vehicle like part of our family.

After we conduct your initial car service, we will notify you if anything requires attention now or in the near future. At Southern Cross Mechanical, we have the ethos that if we can’t put hand on heart when we advise you about any work required, then we simply won’t do it. This ethos has allowed us to build a strong reputation through Brisbane and Ipswich as being trusted and honest car mechanics.

Log Book

All log book car services are stamped at the time of service. This records the car service, which is helpful at time of sale, along with keeping within the manufacturer’s new car warranty guidelines, if applicable. Click here to book your car in for a service. Alternatively, contact us for more information.