Welcome to Auto Ambulance. We provide mobile servicing and repairs for both the Brisbane West and Ipswich market. Whether it's a small car repair, through to a more complex auto repair project, we can come out to you for your convenience to initially assess the situation, and then establish whether we can fix your car on site, or alternatively bring it back to our auto shop at Sumner Park.

How are we different?

There are a few mobile auto repair options available, however there are usually limitations on the scope of work that can be carried out on site. This adds major delays to having your car repaired, and this can also incur hidden costs. At Auto Ambulance, we have a fully qualified auto mechanic visit you, who can undertake, if required, involved mechanical work while you wait. We will also be completely transparent with what work needs to be done, along with how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

Book in your mobile visit

If you need mobile assistance, phone us on 0423 600 300

*Our response time to an urgent need will be subject to our mechanic's availability. If your auto repair job is not urgent, please use our booking form to arrange a call out time.